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Smart wearable platform for in motion joint health assessment to optimize patient specific treatment plans and outcomes

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The platform offers a completely new way for joint health assessment while the joint is in motion. The Smart Brace is easy to use, non-invasive, and provides reliable and quantifiable digital knee biomarkers at any Point of Care. Within 10 minutes, parameters from acoustic, thermal and kinematic modalities are extracted and aggregated together using AI to generate a knee health score.

Multiple sensor modalities

Sensemodi’s wearable seamlessly integrates multiple synchronous non-contact sensors to ensure a holistic high-quality data capture. The combination of the modalities by an AI approach increases the robustness of the evaluation and allows discrimination of potential conditions and their severity, based on the cumulation of quantified symptoms.

 Acoustic sensors to quantify joint friction (crepitus) and abnormal noise, as an indication of tissue damage. 


Thermal sensors measure temperature distribution at various locations to quantify localized inflammation or infection.  


Kinematic sensors help to segment acoustic data, quantify joint instability and evaluate the gait to detect abnormalities.


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10 minutes test with minimal training required 
Sensemodi’s solution is simple to use with minimal training required. The evaluation is done by doing simple tasks while wearing the device such as: walking, bending the knee, standing on one leg or sit-to-stand movement.
It allows the user to quickly access the relevant data derived from the signals and linked to the symptoms, and to use the objective biomarkers to create a personalized treatment plan for full functional recovery and monitor rehabilitation process at any Point of Care.
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Wearable platform for joint assessement​
Sensemodi is offering a new holistic assessment of joint health and disorders through smart, multi-sensor wearable, combined with AI-algorithms.
The information provided by Sensemodi is easily accessible and interpretable, providing a supporting tool to practitioners during knee health assessment, but also to physiotherapists during rehabilitation.
 The data can be instantly assessed and provides a clear view of the cause of symptoms and use the objective biomarker data to create a personalized treatment plan for full functional recovery and monitor rehabilitation process at any Point of Care.
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Adaptive ergonomic design 
The Brace is a wireless wearable non-invasive device, designed to be easily placed by any healthcare practitioner on the patient. 
In collaboration with the design studio Sapetti and Octanis Instruments, Sensemodi has developed a highly performant platform brace that can allow precise gathering of information as well as ease of use.  
The silicon interface allows the sensors to keep an optimal position during movement with reduced friction artefacts, regardless of the size and shape of the knee. 
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Sensemodi Product video: Inmodi
About us
About us

The Sensemodi technology was originally developed by a group of researchers (MIPT) specialized in Osteoarthritis from the University of Oulu (Northern Finland), who were allocated to explore new tools and methodologies to better understand and treat musculoskeletal disorders. This research formed the basis for Sensemodi novel method to evaluate knee health by quantifying information from the joint in motion.

Today, Sensemodi is located within the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ‐ EPFL, joining a dynamic ecosystem of innovation. Within the facilities, Sensemodi is developing a smart wearable platform for an in-motion joint health assessment, to optimize patient specific treatment plans and to improve treatment outcomes. Our mission is to prevent disability, improve quality of life, and decrease the socioeconomic burden caused by musculoskeletal disorders. Osteoarthritis is one of our main target, being one the largest cost contributor to knee pain and disability worldwide. 

Following laboratory experiment and preliminary studies with the different modalities, our first prototypes were developed for pilot testing. Today, our technology has been tested in public and private hospitals and clinics, both in Finland and in Switzerland. In total, it is over 200 patients who have been tested with the Sensemodi technology.

Our mission:
Preventing disability and decrease economic burden caused by musculoskeletal disorders, by easily checking and monitoring joint health anywhere.
Sensemodi's potential applications:
Companion Diagnostic & Prevention

- Providing new biomarkers which are complementary to the modalities available in primary healthcare.

- Personalized care by identifying the right patients and timing for various treatment options.


- Improving access to knee health checks, supporting prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

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Sensemodi is currently being supported by the following institutions:

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